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Don't EVER Invite Me To Another Pity Party

MISERY TRULY LOVES COMPANY. Don’t EVER Invite Me to Another Pity Party reminds us all to rise above negative energy and events. Vernelle Nelson uses humor, common sense and spiritual guidance to get her point across in a refreshingly unique and personal manner.  Her easy going, conversational style makes this book a pleasure to read as she goes about opening readers’ eyes to new ways of approaching life’s difficulties. 



$15.00 + $3.50 shipping = $18.50 Total

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Living a Golden Life

(portions originally published as Favorable Conditions)

This updated version of Rev. Vernelle's first book contains revised data and expanded exercises developed to awaken readers to their full potential as co-creators with God.


As we go and grow through life, we are labeled by well meaning parents, teachers and others. Those labels, however, are not our truth, but the truth according to others. Living a Golden Life helps readers shed those labels which do not reflect the truth of who they really are and claim their true identity - the identity that was given them by God...perfect and whole in every way.



$15.00 + $3.50 shipping = $18.50 Total

Paparazzi Jewelry

Unity Golden Life Ministries is extremely grateful to Ms. Patricia GorDon and her enterprise, Jewelry Box Bling, which offers Paparazzi Jewelry exclusively. Ms. GorDon has committed to supporting Unity Golden Life Ministries throughout the 2020 calendar year by encouraging her customers to purchase Paparazzi Jewelry and donate it to this ministry for resale as an on-going fund-raiser, specifically to support our work with hospital, hospice patients and their care circle.

We take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who has so graciously responded to her request by donating all of the costume jewelry in this section for sale through our Gift Shop.


Each necklace is paired with matching earrings for $5.00 per set. Bracelets, separate pairs of earrings and rings are $5.00 each. Additional charges of $3.50 are added to each piece for shipping and handling to total $8.50 per piece. Payments accepted via Paypal.


Thank you for your donation to our ministry and enjoy your beautiful jewelry.

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